Client: Specialty Dermatology Company
Agency: ABS Graphics
Project: Sales Aid and Collateral Materials
While there are multiple types of wart removers available in the market, this prescription-strength product is different. But for various reasons, the copywriter was limited on what could be said about the product, which also affected the concept. I decided to focus then on a concept that could evoke a sense of hope (no more warts). I focused on creating an imaginary place where the sky is always blue, the grass green, and the landscape breathtaking. Because warts were once thought to come from toads, I placed a toad prominently on a log to create whimsy. There was a lot of Photoshop manipulation for this concept because colors varied with the royalty-free images. To create consistency and emphasis, I used the brand fonts for the header and content. Once the concept was created, I designed and laid out the sales aid, multi-wave direct mail postcards, calendar, rebate forms, and shelf “talkers.”